Alchemy Ingredient List

Last update: 13th February, 2013 - 18:00 GMT+1

The ingredient list and Alchemy Laboratory Wizard are uptodate with ingredients from The Elderscrolls V: Dawnguard and The Elderscrolls V: Dragonborn.

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Ingredients marked with DG can only be obtained with the official expansion The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.
Ingredients marked with DB can only be obtained with the official expansion The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.

Name Weight Value 1st Effect 2nd Effect 3rd Effect 4th Effect Source
Abecean Longfin  0.5 15 Weakness to FrostFortify SneakWeakness to PoisonFortify RestorationFlowing water, lakes, barrel of fish
Ancestor Moth WingDG 0.1 2 Damage StaminaFortify ConjurationDamage Magicka RegenFortify EnchantingAncestor Glade
Ash Creep ClusterDB 0.3 20 Damage StaminaInvisibilityResist FireFortify DestructionAsh covered areas of Solstheim
Ash Hopper Jelly  0.3 20 Restore HealthFortify Light ArmorResist ShockWeakness to FrostAsh Hopper Corpses
Ashen Grass PodDB 0.1 1 Resist FireWeakness to ShockFortify LockpickingFortify SneakAsh covered areas of Solstheim
Bear Claws  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify HealthFortify One-HandedDamage Magicka RegenBears
Bee  0.1 3 Restore StaminaRavage StaminaRegenerate StaminaWeakness to ShockBeehive
Beehive Husk  1 5 Resist PoisonFortify Light ArmorFortify SneakFortify DestructionBeehive
Berit's Ashes  0.5 5 Damage StaminaResist FireFortify ConjurationRavage StaminaQuest item given by Thadgeir
Bleeding Crown  0.3 10 Weakness to FireFortify BlockWeakness to PoisonResist MagicMushroom clusters
Blisterwort  0.2 12 Damage StaminaFrenzyRestore HealthFortify SmithingCaves and dark areas
Blue Butterfly Wing  0.1 2 Damage StaminaFortify ConjurationDamage Magicka RegenFortify EnchantingBlue Butterfly
Blue Dartwing  0.1 1 Resist ShockFortify PickpocketRestore HealthFearHovering above water
Blue Mountain Flower  0.1 2 Restore HealthFortify ConjurationFortify HealthDamage Magicka RegenMountain flower clumps
Boar TuskDB 0.5 20 Fortify StaminaFortify HealthFortify BlockFrenzyTusked Bristlebacks
Bone Meal  0.5 5 Damage StaminaResist FireFortify ConjurationRavage StaminaDraugr and skeletons
Briar Heart  0.5 20 Restore MagickaFortify BlockParalysisFortify MagickaForsworn Leaders
Burnt Spriggan WoodDB 0.5 20 Weakness to FireFortify AlterationDamage Magicka RegenSlowBurnt Spriggans
Butterfly Wing  0.1 3 Restore HealthFortify BarterLingering Damage StaminaDamage MagickaMonarch Butterfly
Canis Root  0.1 5 Damage StaminaFortify One-HandedFortify MarksmanParalysisNear rocky areas
Charred Skeever Hide  0.5 1 Restore StaminaCure DiseaseResist PoisonRestore HealthFound at campfires
Chaurus Eggs  0.2 10 Weakness to PoisonFortify StaminaDamage MagickaInvisibilityFalmer caves
Chaurus Hunter AntennaeDG 0.1 2 Damage StaminaFortify ConjurationDamage Magicka RegenFortify EnchantingChaurus Hunter, Chaurus Hunter Fledgling
Chicken's Egg  0.5 2 Resist MagicDamage Magicka RegenWaterbreathingLingering Damage StaminaChicken's Nest
Creep Cluster  0.2 1 Restore MagickaDamage Stamina RegenFortify Carry WeightWeakness to MagicHydro-thermal areas
Crimson Nirnroot  0.2 10 Damage HealthDamage StaminaInvisibilityResist MagicBlackreach
Cyrodilic Spadetail  0.3 15 Damage StaminaFortify RestorationFearRavage HealthFlowing water, lakes, barrel of fish
Daedra Heart  0.5 250 Restore HealthDamage Stamina RegenDamage MagickaFearDaedra
Deathbell  0.1 4 Damage HealthRavage StaminaSlowWeakness to PoisonWild, on planters
Dragon's Tongue  0.1 5 Resist FireFortify BarterFortify IllusionFortify Two-handedHydro-thermal areas
Dwarven Oil  0.3 15 Weakness to MagicFortify IllusionRegenerate MagickaRestore MagickaDwemer Ruins
Ectoplasm  0.1 25 Restore MagickaFortify DestructionFortify MagickaDamage HealthGhostlike creatures
Elves Ear  0.1 10 Restore MagickaFortify MarksmanWeakness to FrostResist FirePlant, hanging herbs
Emperor Parasol MossDB 0.3 1 Damage HealthFortify MagickaRegenerate HealthFortify Two-handedEmperor Parasol, Tel Mithryn
Eye of Sabre Cat  0.1 2 Restore StaminaRavage HealthDamage MagickaRestore HealthSabre Cat,Snowy Sabre Cat
Falmer Ear  0.2 10 Damage HealthFrenzyResist PoisonFortify LockpickingFalmer
Felsaad Tern FeathersDB 0.1 15 Restore HealthFortify Light ArmorCure DiseaseResist MagicFelsaad Tern
Fire Salts  0.3 50 Weakness to FrostResist FireRestore MagickaRegenerate MagickaFlame Atronach
Fly Amanita  0.1 2 Resist FireFortify Two-handedFrenzyRegenerate StaminaMushroom clusters in and around caves
Frost Mirriam  0.1 1 Resist FrostFortify SneakRavage MagickaDamage Stamina RegenHomes, businesses, giant camps
Frost Salts  0.3 100 Weakness to FireResist FrostRestore MagickaFortify ConjurationFrost Atronach
Garlic  0.3 1 Resist PoisonFortify StaminaRegenerate MagickaRegenerate HealthHomes, businesses, cooking areas
Giant Lichen  0.3 5 Weakness to ShockRavage HealthWeakness to PoisonRestore MagickaSwamps
Giant's Toe  1 20 Damage StaminaFortify HealthFortify Carry WeightDamage Stamina RegenGiants
GleamblossomDG 0.1 5 Resist MagicFearRegenerate HealthParalysisHarvested in Darkfall Cave, Forgotten Vale
Glow Dust  0.5 20 Damage MagickaDamage Magicka RegenFortify DestructionResist ShockWispmother
Glowing Mushroom  0.2 5 Resist ShockFortify DestructionFortify SmithingFortify HealthCaves, Dwemer ruins
Grass Pod  0.1 1 Resist PoisonRavage MagickaFortify AlterationRestore MagickaTundras
Hagraven Claw  0.3 20 Resist MagicLingering Damage MagickaFortify EnchantingFortify BarterHagraven
Hagraven Feathers  0.1 20 Damage MagickaFortify ConjurationFrenzyWeakness to ShockHagraven
Hanging Moss  0.3 1 Damage MagickaFortify HealthDamage Magicka RegenFortify One-HandedCaves, Buildings
Hawk Beak  0.3 15 Restore StaminaResist FrostFortify Carry WeightResist ShockHawk
Hawk Feathers  0.1 15 Cure DiseaseFortify Light ArmorFortify One-HandedFortify SneakHawk
Histcarp  0.3 6 Restore StaminaFortify MagickaDamage Stamina RegenWaterbreathingFlowing water, lakes, barrel of fish
Honeycomb  1 5 Restore StaminaFortify BlockFortify Light ArmorRavage StaminaBeehive
Human Flesh  0.3 1 Damage HealthParalysisRestore MagickaFortify SneakFalmer Vampire dens
Human Heart  1 0 Damage HealthDamage MagickaDamage Magicka RegenFrenzyFalmer Vampire dens
Ice Wraith Teeth  0.3 30 Weakness to FrostFortify Heavy ArmorInvisibilityWeakness to FireIce Wraith
Imp Stool  0.3 0 Damage HealthLingering Damage HealthParalysisRestore HealthMushrooms
Jarrin Root  0.5 10 Damage HealthDamage MagickaDamage StaminaDamage Magicka RegenDark Brotherhood Quest
Jazbay Grapes  0.2 1 Weakness to MagicFortify MagickaRegenerate MagickaRavage HealthHydro-thermal regions
Juniper Berries  0.1 1 Weakness to FireFortify MarksmanRegenerate HealthDamage Stamina RegenJuniper Trees
Large Antlers  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify StaminaSlowDamage Stamina RegenDeer, Elk
Lavender  0.1 1 Resist MagicFortify StaminaRavage MagickaFortify ConjurationOutdoors in clumps
Luna Moth Wing  0.1 5 Damage MagickaFortify Light ArmorRegenerate HealthInvisibilityLuna Moth
Moon Sugar  0.3 50 Weakness to FireResist FrostRestore MagickaRegenerate MagickaKhajit Caravans
Mora Tapinella  0.3 4 Restore MagickaLingering Damage HealthRegenerate StaminaFortify IllusionDead Trees
Mudcrab Chitin  0.3 2 Restore StaminaCure DiseaseResist PoisonResist FireMudcrabs
Namira's Rot  0.3 0 Damage MagickaFortify LockpickingFearRegenerate HealthCaves
Netch JellyDB 0.5 20 ParalysisFortify Carry WeightRestore StaminaFearNetch
Nightshade  0.1 8 Damage HealthDamage Magicka RegenLingering Damage StaminaFortify DestructionGraveyards, undead areas
Nirnroot  0.2 10 Damage HealthDamage StaminaInvisibilityResist MagicNear water
Nordic Barnacle  0.2 5 Damage MagickaWaterbreathingRegenerate HealthFortify PickpocketUnderwater
Orange Dartwing  0.1 1 Restore StaminaRavage MagickaFortify PickpocketLingering Damage HealthHovering above water
Pearl  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify BlockRestore MagickaResist ShockSatchels, Pearl Oyster (DB)
Pine Thrush Egg  0.5 2 Restore StaminaFortify LockpickingWeakness to PoisonResist ShockNests in forests
Poison BloomDG 0.3 5 Damage HealthSlowFortify Carry WeightFearDarkfall Cave
Powdered Mammoth Tusk  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify SneakWeakness to FireFearGiant's Camp
Purple Mountain Flower  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify SneakLingering Damage MagickaResist FrostMountain flower clumps
Red Mountain Flower  0.1 2 Restore MagickaRavage MagickaFortify MagickaDamage HealthMountain flower clumps
River Betty  0.3 15 Damage HealthFortify AlterationSlowFortify Carry WeightLakes, rivers, streams and fish barrels
Rock Warbler Egg  0.5 2 Restore HealthFortify One-HandedDamage StaminaWeakness to MagicRock Warbler Nest
Sabre Cat Tooth  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify Heavy ArmorFortify SmithingWeakness to PoisonSabre Cat,Frost Sabre Cat
Salmon RoeDG 0.2 5 Restore StaminaWaterbreathingFortify MagickaRegenerate MagickaSalmon
Salt Pile  0.2 2 Weakness to MagicFortify RestorationSlowRegenerate MagickaMerchants, containers, near cooking places
Scaly Pholiata  0.3 4 Weakness to MagicFortify IllusionRegenerate StaminaFortify Carry Weight
Scaly Pholiota  0.3 4 Weakness to MagicFortify IllusionRegenerate StaminaFortify Carry WeightDead birch trees
ScathecrawDB 0.1 1 Ravage HealthRavage StaminaRavage MagickaLingering Damage HealthSolstheim
Silverside Perch  0.3 15 Restore StaminaDamage Stamina RegenRavage HealthResist FrostFlowing water, lakes, barrel of fish
Skeever Tail  0.2 3 Damage Stamina RegenRavage HealthDamage HealthFortify Light ArmorSkeever
Slaughterfish Egg  0.2 3 Resist PoisonFortify PickpocketLingering Damage HealthFortify StaminaUnderwater
Slaughterfish Scales  0.1 3 Resist FrostLingering Damage HealthFortify Heavy ArmorFortify BlockSlaughterfish
Small Antlers  0.1 2 Weakness to PoisonFortify RestorationLingering Damage StaminaDamage HealthElk
Small Pearl  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify One-HandedFortify RestorationResist FrostPearl Oyster (DB)
Snowberries  0.1 4 Resist FireFortify EnchantingResist FrostResist ShockSnowberry bush, snowy areas
Spawn AshDB 0.1 20 Ravage StaminaResist FireFortify EnchantingRavage MagickaAsh Spawn
Spider Egg  0.2 5 Damage StaminaDamage Magicka RegenFortify LockpickingFortify MarksmanSpider lairs
Spriggan Sap  0.2 15 Damage Magicka RegenFortify EnchantingFortify SmithingFortify AlterationSpriggan
Swamp Fungal Pod  0.5 3 Resist ShockLingering Damage MagickaParalysisRestore HealthSwamps
Taproot  0.5 15 Weakness to MagicFortify IllusionRegenerate MagickaRestore MagickaSpriggan
Thistle Branch  0.1 1 Resist FrostRavage StaminaResist PoisonFortify Heavy ArmorThistle Plant
Torchbug Thorax  0.1 1 Restore StaminaLingering Damage MagickaWeakness to MagicFortify StaminaTorchbugs, glowing at night
Trama RootDB 0.2 1 Weakness to ShockFortify Carry WeightDamage MagickaSlowAshen areas of Solstheim
Troll Fat  1 15 Resist PoisonFortify Two-handedFrenzyDamage HealthTrolls
Tundra Cotton  0.1 1 Resist MagicFortify MagickaFortify BlockFortify BarterHigh mountains below snow line, tundra
Vampire Dust  0.2 25 InvisibilityRestore MagickaRegenerate HealthCure DiseaseVampires, The Silver Hand
Void Salts  0.2 125 Weakness to ShockResist MagicDamage HealthFortify MagickaStorm Atronach
Wheat  0.1 5 Restore HealthFortify HealthDamage Stamina RegenLingering Damage MagickaGrows on farms, containers
White Cap  0.3 0 Weakness to FrostFortify Heavy ArmorRestore MagickaRavage MagickaMushroom clusters near caves or dungeons
Wisp Wrappings  0.1 2 Restore StaminaFortify DestructionFortify Carry WeightResist MagicWispmother
Yellow Mountain FlowerDG 0.1 2 Resist PoisonFortify RestorationFortify HealthDamage Stamina RegenDarkfall Cave

Ingredients marked with DG can only be obtained with the official expansion The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.
Ingredients marked with DB can only be obtained with the official expansion The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.