Alchemy FAQ

The intention of this FAQ is to cover every aspect of the skill "Alchemy" in the computer game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". If you have any comments or wish to contribute your wisdom to this FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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Alchemy Questions




Alchemy Questions and Answers


What is the Alchemy skill? ^top

Alchemy is one goverened by Stealth in TES V: Skyrim. With this skill you are able to identify properties of ingredients. These ingredients can, in combination with the required alchemy labortory or cooking pot, be used to render powerful potions.

Why use the Alchemy skill? ^top

Alchemy, though it might seem difficult to understand and use, is the one most powerful skill in the game. Creating potions and herding ingredients might seem a tedious task, but the benefits of not having to rely on buying potions and the immense benefit of self made potions that have a higher magnitude and duration, possibly unlike any Potion you might receive through buying, speak for themselves.

Getting your way around and into alchemy is the key factor and might occupy some time to understand, which is actually about the only drawback that you might consider.

What are the Alchemy Perks? ^top

Alchemy skill perks become available when you reach a certain level with the your alchemy skill and can then be selected.

What do i need to practice Alchemy? ^top

You will require to either train your Alchemy skill by eating ingredients, or by standing in front of an alchemy laboratory or cooking pot and use ingredients there to make potions yourself.

Which races start out with a bonus to the Alchemy Skill? ^top

Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer and Khajiit receive a bonus of +5 to their Alchemy skill upon character creation.

At which rate is the experience gain of your alchemy skill increased when creating potions? ^top

The effect of experience gain from creating potions is directly related to the value the potion will have. The higher the value the higher the experience gain for creating the potion.

What is the best way to increase your Alchemy skill? ^top

While you can eat ingredients and harvest them, to increase your Alchemy skill, the best way to do so, is by making potions.

Are there any in game achivements related to the Alchemy skill? ^top

There are two achievements related to Alchemy.

Artificer: Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

Skill Master: Get a skill to 100

Have any changes been made to Alchemy, compared to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? ^top

One of the main changes is, that you can only create potions at a stationary alchemy laboratory or cooking pot.

Also it seems that food items, gathered from animals or bought, do not have any ingredient effects/propertiers anymore, but just have restoration attributes attached.

Where can i find Alchemy Trainers in Skyrim? ^top


What are ingredients? ^top

Ingredients are mundane substances that can be retrieved from plants, dead creatures, mines or bought from vendors. Ingredients can be distinguished from other items, as they will show up to 4 effects when you hover your mouse over them.

What are ingredient effects/properties? ^top

Ingredient effects are properties that have been attributed to such an item.
They range from restorative effects, damaging effects and fortifying effects.

How can ingredient effects be discovered? ^top

Ingredient effects can be discovered through creating potions with ingredients. This can even be done without knowing any of the ingredient effects. If potion creation was successful, any newly discovered ingredient effects will be available for use in the future.
Additionally the first ingredient effect can be discovered by eating an ingredient. The amount of effects you can learn through eating ingredients can be influenced by learning all 3 ranks of the Experimenter perk.

How many effects/properties can appear on an ingredient? ^top

The number of effects attributed to an ingredient ranges from 1 to 4.

Are ingredients in shops restocked at some time? ^top

every 48hrs ingredients in shops will be restocked. So if you find a suitable travelling route between shops you can get a hold of a lot of ingredients in a short time.


How are potions/poisons made? ^top

Potions are mixed at available alchemy laboratories or cooking pots. There are no apparatus that can be carried around, like in previous Elder Scrolls games.

You need to combine two or more ingredients to create a potion or poison. If an effect is shared with the combined ingredients a potion will be created.
You do not need to know any ingredient effects to try and create potions or poisons. If there is a match when using ingredients, any new effect that get revealed that way will be available for future potion and poison potions.

Whether a potion or poison is created is determined by the first shared effect.

Your characters skill level determines the potency of your potions or poisons.

Do potions with negative effects have any use? ^top

Finally, potions with negative effects can be used for more than suicide or in depth alchemy research or skill development. Poisons can be applied to weapons. How long the created poison will last on your weapon, depends on possible selected perks.

Do effects of potions with same effects stack? ^top

The effects of multiple potions do not stack. If your character already has the effect of a Resist Shock potion, drinking another Resist Shock potion will not have any additional effect.