Welcome fellow Elder Scrolls Alchemists.

The purpose of this site, is to cover anything concerning the skill "Alchemy" in the games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , including all available ingredients, possible potion combinations and their effects.

Alchemy skill - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

14th February, 2013 10:00 GMT+1

Rejoice! A long needed update has been been done to the site!

The Alchemy Ingredient List and Alchemy Laboratory Wizard are uptodate with ingredients from The Elderscrolls V: Dawnguard and The Elderscrolls V: Dragonborn.
In addition the interfaces have been finetuned a little bit and also the sources for ingredients have been added.

18th November, 2011 17:51 GMT+1

The Alchemy Laboratory Wizard is finished!

The Alchemy Laboratory Wizard is finished. There you can multiple effects and see the ingredients that are needed for sucha potion or posion. Additionally you can also simply select ingredients and see which ones match. Here also multiple selects are possible.
This ingredient list is a nice starting point for asprigin alchemists. The Alchemy Laboratory Wizard really lets you delve into potion and poison creation, letting you create potions and poison easily with 3, maybe even 4 effects!

14th November, 2011 09:49 GMT+1

Alchemy FAQ Update - Ingredient effects and potion creation

Ingredient effects can be discovered by eating ingredients and simply through trial and error potion creation. See more in the Alchemy FAQ .

13th November, 2011 10:23 GMT+1

Alchemy Ingredient List is now complete

Thanks to help of Lychanking and PokerZ, forum members at the official Elder Scrolls forum, the Alchemy Ingredient List is now complete. You can narrow down your search in the list by effect. Next i will import all this information to the Alchemy Laboratory Wizard, so that potions can be created outside the game.
ATTENTION!! Using the Alchemy Laboratory Wizard will be rather spoilerish, since you can actually mix potions on the fly in the game without know the properties and learn them this way. Using the Alchemy Laboratory Wizard will speed up this process!

7th November, 2011 10:32 GMT+1

Alchemy FAQ Update and Official Elder Scrolls Forum Update

More updates to the Alchemy FAQ and first release of the Skyrim Alchemy FAQ on the Official Elder Scrolls Forums.

7th November, 2011 5:43 GMT+1

Alchemy FAQ Creation

I have updated the Alchemy FAQ and the additional pages will follow up as soon as there is more information available.

6th November, 2011 23:54 GMT+1

Site launch

So the first steps have been taken and the basic pages are up. Come back for more information as it becomes available!